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  • What if I don't make my flight?

If you do not check in for a flight, do not board, and do not leave without informing the airline of the delay, all subsequent flights on the ticket are usually cancelled. If you checked in but did not make your flight, perhaps because you got lost at the airport, you should contact the airline's representatives, who will most likely be able to assist you: they will charge you a no-show fee and rebook you on another flight. You may exchange or surrender your ticket if the fare rules permit. The itinerary receipt usually includes fare information. Remember the following when planning your trip: Check-in at the airport begins 2-3 hours before departure and ends 40-60 minutes before departure. Online check-in closes 45-90 minutes before departure, which is earlier than usual. Boarding is completed 15-30 minutes before departure. The departure and arrival times on the ticket are in local time.

  • In what circumstances can an airline remove a passenger from a flight?

The contract of air carriage is terminated unilaterally by the airline in the following cases: refusal of the passenger to inspect the aircraft before the flight, if the passenger is intoxicated by alcohol, drugs, or toxic substances, which can endanger the passenger's health or the safety of persons and property on board the aircraft, inconvenience to other passengers, and failure by passengers to fulfill their obligations.

  • What if the airline is unable to provide the passenger with a seat in the appropriate class of service as specified on the ticket?

If the passenger agrees to travel in another class of service with meals and free baggage allowance at the rate applicable to the original ticket issued, the difference between the cost of transportation in the paid class of service and the class of service provided is recalculated. If a passenger refuses to travel in a different, less expensive class of service than the one paid for, the airline will bear the costs up to the actual expenses for the passenger's hotel accommodation, meals, communication facilities, and ground transportation to and from the airport until it can provide the passenger with a seat in accordance with the class of service of the original ticket on the flight issued by the airline or on a flight operated by another airline.

  • How do I transport meat and fish?

Meat and fish products must be transported in checked baggage rather than in the cabin. Food must be safely and undamaged packed. At least three layers, the first and last of which must be heavy polyethylene. Products dense polyethylene layer of paper cardboard box dense polyethylene, for example. The maximum weight per passenger is 5kg.