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Aviation Security Department

Aviation security Department of JSC "Aviation administration of Kazakhstan" oversees aviation security and compliance of civil aviation organizations with the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of aviation security.

In accordance with the Rules of certification and of certification of security check process by the aviation security service of airport, approved by the order of the acting Minister for investment and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 24, 2015 No. 160 carries out certification Department of aviation security JSC "Aviation administration of Kazakhstan".

In accordance with the regulations of the aviation security Department performs the following functions:

  1. organizes works on the protection of civil aviation of the Republic of Kazakhstan from acts of unlawful interference in its activities, through the introduction of standards and recommended practices of the International civil aviation organization (ICAO);
  2. certification, inspections, audits, reviews and tests in civil aviation organizations in the field of aviation security;
  3. control and supervision together with other state bodies in accordance with their competence over the complains with the of laws, rules and procedures ensuring the protection of civil aviation of the Republic of Kazakhstan from acts of unlawful interference;
  4. consideration and approval of the program of training and retraining of specialists of aviation security services, coordination of programs on aviation security of the airport, civil aviation organizations which are connected with the airport, operators of civil aircraft of the Republic of Kazakhstan and foreign States performing regular flights to the airports of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  5. delivery of public services, in particular: extension, suspension and revocation of certification of organization of examination of service of aviation safety of the airport and the issuance of crew member ID for flight crew, cabin crew, engineers with a valid certificate of aviation personnel, and staff that ensures in flight  security;
  6. issue of the certificate of the admission to work of the aviation security personnel;
  7. drafting instructions, rules and procedures governing the order of aviation security.

The aviation security Department together with law enforcement and special agencies carries out activities aimed at ensuring the anti-terrorist protection of the object.